At Market Zorro, we believe creativity can be found in everything. It takes more than a pair of eyes to explore the beauty in a design. We are constantly on the lookout for bright and energetic people, who work together passionately to bring the best web solutions to our clients. We look for the brightest minds to work together as a team. We grow, learn, and prosper as a team.

Career Opportunities

Constantly up-skilling is important for any career. Becoming adept at one skill or language, may make you master at it, but not assure you of overall growth. At Market Zorro, you are exposed to diverse client needs and changing technology environments that hone your skills. With the right skills in your tool belt, you can be a champion. Market Zorro gives you ample opportunities, in terms of career growth.

Business Development Manager / Online Bidder

Job Responsibilities:

Bid and convert opportunities from various bidding sites/channels

Experience in selling Web and mobile applications and SEO/Digital Marketing

Knowledge of digital/mobile and web technology

Prospecting and identification of sales opportunities/self-generated leads through research of social channels(e.g. Linkedin) and marketing activities

Prepare and deliver pricing proposals, working alongside sales team

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